True act of creation

So inviting, yet so mysterious…

Dom Pérignon


Dom Pérignon commitment to vintages is absolute. Each Dom Pérignon is a true act of creation, made from only the best grapes.

It is a brand of vintage Champagne produced by the Champagne house Moët & Chandon and serves as that house's prestige champagne.

Precise and tactile to the point of seamlessness, tense through rhythm and vibrancy, vigorous and fresh yet mature, intense and complex, such is the sensual style of Dom Pérignon: so inviting, yet so mysterious…


True act of creation

Products we carry

Vintage 3L/ 75cl
Vintage GB 75cl
Rose / GB 75cl
Luminous Vintage 1.5L / 75cl
Luminous Rose 1.5L / 75cl
Plenitude 2 / GB 75cl

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