Serving Aruba since 1923

Aruba Trading

Our history goes back six generations, starting with merchant sailor Eliau Moses Curiel around 1860. After his passing, his son Morris E. Curiel sells the last of his father’s merchant schooners “El Tigre” in 1882 and sets up his first store “La Casa Amarilla” in 1887 in Curaçao; the first of many Curiel companies to follow.

At a Glance

  • Serving Aruba since 1923, officially incorporated in 1933
  • ATC is the oldest ongoing business on Aruba.
  • Originally part of the regional Curiel Group; Aruba
  • Trading Company was initially the Aruba branch of Morris E. Curiel & Sons.

Our Business Activities

  • Wines and Spirits
  • Fine perfumes and Cosmetics
  • Apparel
  • Hardware
  • Car dealership
    Wholesale of consumer goods

Our Divisions

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Food service
  • Local production
  • Real Estate development
  • Our Mission

  • To rank among Aruba’s premier conglomerate private enterprises;
  • To continue to diversify and grow our product portfolio;
  • To serve our principals and clients well adding value to their business; and
  • To continually increase the market share of each one of our brands to the benefit of all stake-holders.
  • Our Strengths

  • More than 90 years of business experience
  • Experienced Management Team
  • Young & Dynamic Sales and Operations Team
  • Extensive Sales & Marketing knowledge & experience
  • Brand Builders par excellence
  • Strong on-island network
  • Flexible market approach
  • Focused on customer service and customer relations
  • Our Future

  • True, these are challenging economic times and adjustments to new global realities are inevitable, but the future of our company has never looked better;
  • Our portfolio remains as strong as ever and is rapidly expanding in targeted fashion
  • Our team is rejuvenated and eager to be the best they can be
  • Our infrastructure is undergoing continued improvements
  • Our balance sheet is stronger than ever before
  • Our guiding principles are deeply rooted
  • Providing world class service to our business partners and clients is our main strength

Serving more than 700 customers on the island


As “Merchants since 1923”, sales and marketing constitute the very essence of our company. To provide optimal care and attention to our diverse business activities and all our brands, the company is not only divided into specialized divisions but each division counts with a dedicated marketing staff of account managers, marketing coordinators, merchandisers and designers.

Our market penetration – for all practical purposes one hundred percent of the market – is second to none serving more than 700 customers on the island, both on-trade and off-trade. Leveraging cross promotions between fast-food, our retail outlets and complete geographic coverage of the wholesale market, we are proud to offer our partners an unrivaled sales and marketing organization.

Our wholesale division consists of the following portfolio’s: Beer, Spirits, Wines & Champagnes, Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages & Personal Care.

Each portfolio is independently managed by a dedicated Portfolio Manager, whom in turn report to their division managers and our Chief Commercial Officer. Given the unique nature of each portfolio, they each have unique skills and specific performance targets which are based in product type, price positioning and other relevant factors. The company is a strong believer in benefits that come from synergies and economies of scale, however, portfolio specialization, and in some cases, brand specialization, has led to an efficient structure that addresses both unique and common needs of the brands we represent.


Our company is managed as a virtual public company with family members in the Supervisory Board of Directors, Chaired by our founder’s great grandson and shareholder Raoul Cohen Henriquez.

Day-to-day management rests in the hands of a dynamic and qualified team

Food Services

Burger King Aruba

Keeping within the tradition of representing world renowned brands, we are proud to be the Burger King franchisee for Aruba. Currently we own and operate 3 Burger King Restaurants which are situated in Oranjestad, Paradera and San Nicolas. All locations provide in-dining and drive thru services. Please visit our website for more information or follow us on our social media channels.


It may sound like a cliché but like all self-respecting companies the core of our infrastructure is our human resource, our young dynamic goal oriented team.

In addition to our team offer our partners one of the island’s premier wholesale infrastructures:

  • 50.000 sq. ft. warehouse, including temperature controlled storage
  • Suitably organized by division
  • Modern branded fleet
  • Great distribution team
  • Automated inventory management
  • The hallmark of our service