Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Wonderfully complex and exceptionally smooth

Glenmorangie Whiskey

Glenmorangie has long been known for its expertise in wood. Thirty years ago, our whisky creators pioneered the art of extra-maturation, transferring spirit first matured in ex-bourbon casks, into ex-wine casks, so that it could gain further layers of flavour. Perfect for all those who wish to start or continue their journey into single malts, this award-winning range showcases our skills in cask management.



Year after year, our award-winning Private Edition celebrates the innovation for which the Glenmorangie Distillery is revered. As individual as they are rare, these experimental releases will captivate the single malt collector.


There are moments which deserve to be celebrated in single malt. Every so often, our whisky creators are inspired to bring such occasions to life, in memorable limited editions.


Their stories have inspired a collection of whiskies with innovative cask assemblages and intriguing extra-maturations, which bring the ancient provenance of our single malt to life, for the travelling connoisseur.

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Products we carry

The Original 70 cl
Lasanta 75 cl
Quinta Ruban 75 cl
Nectar D’Or 75 cl
18years 75 cl
Signet 75 cl

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