Constant quality and style, vintage after vintage

Wonderful diversity of French wines

Barton & Guestier

The Barton & Guestier range represents the wonderful diversity of French wines from the main winegrowing regions: Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Rhône Valley, Languedoc, Gascony and Corsica. With its wide variety of wines, Barton & Guestier enables wine lovers - from the occasional wine drinker to the connoisseur - to make a journey through France. The B&G winemakers team guarantees constant quality and style, vintage after vintage.


Constant quality and style, vintage after vintage

Products we carry - 75cl

B&G Chardonnay Reserve
B&G Sauvignon Blanc Reserve
B&G Shiraz Rose Reserve
B&G Merlot Reserve
B&G Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
B&G Girls night out - Merlot based red blend

B&G Partager Blanc
B&G Partager Rose
B&G Partager Rouge

B&G Cotes de Provence Rose Passport Off trade
B&G Villa Barton Cotes de Provence Rose On trade

B&G Sauternes
B&G Vouvray
B&G Chateau neuf Du Pape

B&G Medoc Les Charmes De Magnol Rose
B&G Chateau Magnol Haut Medoc Cru Bourgeois Merlot based
B&G M de Magnol Bordeaux AOC

B&G Thomas Barton St Emilion
B&G Thomas Barton Margaux
B&G Thomas Barton Medoc

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