Craftsmanship meets philosophy

Capturing individuality

Krug Champagne


Krug has remained a Champagne House on a human scale, preserving its savoir-faire and defending its unparalleled quality by choosing to offer a limited number of bottles. By overturning conventions and establishing its own rules, Krug divulges all the exuberance and expression of its Champagnes. Making Krug Champagnes arises from a long, painstaking and very human process; an art.

Depending on the talents and intuitions of a precious few, Krug's obsessive approach to details is the key characteristic of its savoir-faire which is based on three principles: - the individual selection of the plots and the careful following of each wine, - the art of blending and the creation of Champagnes by Krug’s Chef de Caves Eric Lebel and the Tasting Committee, and - the essential mastering of time, stretched to an unfashionably slow pace.

At Krug, individuality means distinction, uniqueness, originality and singularity: everything that is expressed by Krug Champagnes. It is also the pursuit of character. This begins with the meticulous, individual selection of each plot of vines. Owing to this exceptionally individual attention, the Chef de Caves gives Krug Grande Cuvée its unique personality and reveals the sublime in each Krug Champagne.


Craftsmanship meets philosophy

Products we carry

Grande Cuvee 37.5 / 75
Vintage 75
Rose 75
Clos du Mesnil 1990 Wooden Box 75
Clos d’Ambonnay 75

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