Multi-origin concept of wine regions in Chile and Argentina

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Quinta Maipo

This wine group was founded in 2010 as a new business unit of the Concha y Toro Holding. Its primary objective is to develop the multi-origin concept of wine by integrating wineries from different wine regions in Chile and Argentina.

The wineries in the Quinta de Maipo group stand out for their international renown, time-proven success, and a faithful reflection of their origins.


Quinta Maipo Wines

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Viña Maipo Classic Series Chardonnay 75 cl
Viña Maipo Classic Series Sauvignon Blanc 75 cl
Viña Maipo Classic Series Merlot 75 cl
Viña Maipo Classic Series Cabernet sauvignon 75 cl

Vitral Sauvignon Blanc 75 cl
Vitral Chardonnay 75 cl
Vitral Merlot 75 cl
Vitral Cabernet Sauvignon 75 cl
Vitral Red Blend - Syrah based 75 cl

Dulzino Moscato 75 cl
Dulzino Blush 75 cl
Dulzino Sweet Red 75 cl

Gran Devocion Syrah/Cabernet Sauvignon Tinto 75 cl
Protegido 75 cl
Alto Tajamar Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon 75 cl

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