Sutter Home Zinfandel

Region California, United States
Grape Zinfandel
Style Red
Brand Sutter Home Family Vineyards

Vineyard Information
Our Zinfandel is crafted from grapes selected from premier vineyards in California’s Sierra Foothills and Lodi regions, where grapes develop supple tannins and intense, deep flavors. Zinfandel is California’s signature varietal, and was planted in the Sierra Foothills during the Gold Rush where many of the original vines thrive to this day.

Our classic California Zinfandel is bursting with juicy berries and peppery spice. Made in a traditional style, the wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks for ten days at 85°F and undergoes 100% malolactic fermentation to enhance its rich aromas and luxurious mouthfeel. Winemakers age the wine for roughly one year on French and American oak, which adds both body and toasty sweet vanilla notes to the wine.

VARIETAL: Zinfandel
ALCOHOL: 13.8%
T.A.: 0.62 g/100ml
PH: 3.58
RS: 0.69 g/100ml

Tasting Notes
Sutter Home Zinfandel is zesty and soulful—the kind of wine that makes you want to shout, “Let the good times roll!” This wine has a beautiful, dark purple color and an intense aroma of fresh berries and black pepper. Supple tannins support bright, juicy blackberry and ripe plum flavors and warm accents of toasted vanilla and spicy black pepper. Smooth and casual, our Zinfandel makes every day feel like a party.

When the Trinchero family bought the Sutter Home Winery in 1948, they had a vision, a passion, and apparently, an insight into consumer tastes. In the early 1970s, Sutter Home started a trend when the company created White Zinfandel, introducing a new, sweeter flavor profile. They changed the way Americans enjoyed wine by offering them high-quality varietals at an affordable price. By the 1980s and 1990s, Sutter Home became a household name and the second largest independent family-run winery in the United States.

But that was just the beginning. Sutter Home began producing Moscato long before it was “cool,” continuously staying one taste bud ahead of the consumer with new varietals such as Bubbly Pink Moscato and Red Moscato. And when “green” was just a color, Sutter Home introduced the wildly popular 187s in environmentally friendly, conveniently sized PET bottles.

Sutter Home began producing Moscato long before it was ‘cool,’ continuously staying one taste bud ahead of the consumer…

Sutter Home continued to reach beyond the bottle by launching one of the first breast cancer awareness programs in 2001. Through the Sutter Home for Hope® program, the company has raised nearly $1 million dollars toward breast cancer awareness and research. Then in 1990, the Build a Better Burger® recipe contest was born, demystifying the wine experience by pairing America’s favorite everyday meal with its favorite wine brand—Sutter Home. And with an exciting $25,000 grand prize, it continues to bring together burger and wine enthusiasts every year.

With a fresh new label, Sutter Home continues to reflect the evolution of the brand and its consumers. With over 20 different varietals to choose from in the Sutter Home portfolio, there’s a wine to suit every mood and every palate. We can’t wait to taste what’s next.

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