Santa Rita Merlot Reserva

Region Maipo Valley, Casablanca Valley, Chile
Grape Merlot
Style Red
Brand Santa Rita Winery

Climate & Soil
Sub-humid Mediterranean climate. Rains are mainly concentrated in winter with an average rainfall of 500 mm/year. Spring is cool and dry while summers are warm and
dry with maximum temperatures frequently above 30°C. The mountain influence results in a broad thermal oscillation of over 15°C between day and night as well as a gradual decrease in temperatures towards the end of summer, allowing the grapes to
ripen slowly, maintain their fruit concentration and achieve proper tannin ripening. Alluvial soil with an upper franc layer 80 -100 cm. deep. A loamy subsoil ensures adequate rain water drainage and allows deep growth of the radicular system.

Canopy management aims at obtaining good luminosity without exposing the bunches directly to the sun to avoid burning, fruit loss, and the appearance of drying and astringent characteristics. Immediately after flowering was finished, a cluster thinning was done leaving only the clusters that will achieve a good ripeness.

Fermentation took place with selected yeasts and the extraction level was defined as fermentation progressed. Pumpovers were generally more intense in the beginning of the process and reduced toward the middle or end. Post-fermentation maceration
time was determined by the progress of each individual tank and varied from a few hours to 10 days.

This wine was aged for 8 months in first-, second-, and third-use French (40%) and
American (60%) oak barrels.

Technical Details
pH: 3.45
Total Acidy: 5.73 g/l (expressed in Tartaric Acid)
Alcohol: 14.0 % v/v
Residual Sugar: 2.1 g/l
Ageing Potential: 4 – 5 years

Winemaker’s comments
Intense, ruby-red in color with a bouquet dominated by fresh ripe fruits such as berries and spicy notes associated with components in the oak barrels. Mediumbodied, very silky, and well-balanced with good acidity that lends a fresh sensation. Long and pleasing on the finish.

Winemaker: Andrés Ilabaca
Variety: 100% Merlot

As for wineries, Santa Rita has five production plants. The main one is in Alto Jahuel, Buin, and has high-technology wine-making equipment, modern bottling lines and vessels for aging 19.5 million liters of fine wines.

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