Santa Rita Chardonnay Reserva

Region Casablanca Valley, Limarí, Chile
Grape Chardonnay
Style White
Brand Santa Rita Winery

Climate & Soil
A cool climate that has a maritime influence caused by coastal breezes due to the location and topography, which act as moderating forces of the thermal conditions. Mean temperatures in summer reach 25ºC and the yearly mean is 14.4ºC. Rainfall is
concentrated between the months of May-October with a yearly mean of 450 mm. The soil is of alluvial origin with a very fine sandy loam texture, high permeability and scarce humidity retention.

Vineyard Management
More than 10 year old vineyard trellised in unilateral cordon with vertical shoots positioning. Good luminosity in the cluster area ensures ripe fruit at the end of the season. The yield not over 7.000 Kg./há as a result of Casablanca’s climatic conditions allows an ideal concentration of the grapes.

25% of this wine was fermented and aged in French oak barrels for seven months. During this process, the wine was kept on its lees to enhance roundness and volume. The remaining 75% was fermented in stainless steel vats seeking maximum fruit expression.

Technical Details
PH: 3.12
Total Acidy: 6.23 g/l (expressed in tartaric acid)
Alcohol: 13.6 % v/v
Residual Sugar: 1,5 g/l

Winemaker’s comments
Our estate grown Reserva Chardonnay comes from the Casablanca Valley, one of the finest wine producing regions in the world for white wines. A fragrant aroma of luscious, tropical fruit and juicy grapefruit are beautifully rounded out by soft vanilla
and hazelnut undertones. Wonderful fruit flavors are enhanced by a pleasant acidity and sweetness. An outstanding Chardonnay, elegant and beautifully balanced, concluding in a complex, lingering finish.

Winemaker: Andrés Ilabaca
Variety: 100% Chardonnay
Region : 100 % Casablanca Valley

As for wineries, Santa Rita has five production plants. The main one is in Alto Jahuel, Buin, and has high-technology wine-making equipment, modern bottling lines and vessels for aging 19.5 million liters of fine wines.

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