Santa Rita 120 Chardonnay

Region Central Valley, Chile
Grape Chardonnay
Style White
Brand Santa Rita WInery

Climate & Soil
Chile’s wine region has a mediterranean climate with a
tremendous oscillation between daytime and nighttime temperatures, an average humidity of 55–60%, and summer temperatures that reach above 30ºc. temperatures are lower in the areas near the andes mountains due to the cold air from the mountains, and the temperatures in areas closer to the coastal mountains have less variation between the daytime highs and nighttime lows due to the maritime influence. grapes from a
selection of vineyards planted on silty soils with excellent drainage at the foot of the andes are carefully combined with fruit from vineyards located near the coastal range, where the soils are heavier and have a combination of silt and clay.

The grapes were picked from mid-march through early april and pressed in stages to separate the most intense press wine to reserve the most aromas and flavors in the wine. moderately clean musts are fermented at temperatures ranging from 5º to 20ºc over the course of 12–15 days. a fraction of the wine is fermented with native yeasts to obtain the character of the vineyards. once fermentation has completed the new
wine remains on its lees for at least a month. regular tastings determine the right time to sulfite and make the final blend. 3% of the wine is aged in used oak to increase complexity and depth.

Technical details
alcohol: 13.4% vol.
ph: 3.24
total acidity: 5.88 g/l (expressed in tartaric acid)
residual sugar: 3.6 g/l

Winemaker’s comments

Greenish-yellow in color. the nose is loaded with tropical fruits in balance with citrus fruits for a ripe and refreshing sensation. the palate is well rounded and the wine is easy to drink with a long and fruity finish.

Superb quality and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Santa Rita, one of Chile’s most admired and innovative wine estates. The “120” series of wines was named after the historic event in which 120 soldiers took refuge in Santa Rita’s cellars in 1814 during Chile’s war for independence. These wines are
fermented in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures and bottled early to preserve each variety’s fruitiness and natural aromas. The 120 wines are young, fresh and fruity, elegant and perfectly balanced with good acidity. Their exceptional value makes them an outstanding choice for accompanying
our everyday meals.

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