Jim Beam Kentucky Fire

Region Kentucky, United States
Category Bourbon Whisky
Brand Jim Beam

General information

As with many of their recent flavored whiskey releases, Jim Beam Kentucky Fire isn’t under the Red Stag brand, which aside from the core Red Stag seems to be quietly phasing out. Instead, Jim Beam Kentucky Fire is clearly part of the core Jim Beam family and trumpets its base as “genuine Jim Beam Whiskey”. This shift towards reinforcing Jim Beam’s core brand is a smart one, and while Red Stag has served Jim Beam well over the years, this more centralized and core brand-focused strategy is a good one. As with most cinnamon flavored whiskey, the “Fire” in Jim Beam Kentucky Fire refers to fireball candy, the space where most of the cinnamon flavored whiskeys play.

Tasting Notes

Nose: A fireball candy, with candied cinnamon as the primary note out of the glass. Beyond that, there are some subtle aromas from the base Jim Beam whiskey, including vanilla, caramel, light oak, and cinnamon (the non-candied kind).

Palate: The entry is sweet, but not unbearably so, and it has an unexpectedly pleasant mouth feel. In addition to the candied cinnamon spice, there is a subtle sense of the base whiskey, but again it’s more vanilla and caramel than anything else. It’s really in the midpalate is where you get the fire of the cinnamon spice, and it’s entirely spot on. The spice level, balanced with the underlining sweetness, and addition of subtle whiskey notes are all exactly where they need to be for this kind of product.

Finish: The finish is medium length and a showcase for the cinnamon spice which gradually peters off.

The Jim Beam American Stillhouse has got more than a few picturesque sights. The building itself is a replica of a 1940’s stillhouse, along with the actual staircase from our original historic stillhouse. Then there’s the rack houses, limestone water wells, bottling lines, bourbon tasting rooms, and much more. Check out some of our photos to get a feel for the place, then come around and see our bourbon-making process up close.


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