Hennessy VSOP Cognac

Region Cognac, France
Category Cognac
Brand Hennessy

General information

All the grapes used to create Hennessy cognacs are born of the unique soil of the Cognac region surrounding the River Charente. Ugni Blanc grapes are harvested, crushed, fermented, and then distilled according to strict practices perfected over time.

Region: Cognac, France

Tasting Notes

Nose: Strong bouquet of fruits, some hints of honey and more fruits on the nose.

Palate:The palate and the finish is dominated by woody hints – that’s the cask.

Richard Hennessy founds the House of Hennessy in 1765, in Cognac, France. With his partners, he succeeds in establishing a thriving business exporting brandies, mostly to his native Ireland, and England.

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