Grand Marnier Louis-Alexandre

Region Paris, France
Style Cognac
Brand Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier Louis-Alexandre is a distinct blend of fine aged Cognacs combined with highly aromatic orange essence.

This special Cuvée was developed as a tribute to the creator of Grand Marnier liqueur, Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle, who disrupted the status quo of Cognac production with the masterful approach of blending premium Cognacs with exotic oranges from the Caribbean. Cuvée Louis-Alexandre is a superb expression that offers bolder yet intense Cognac tasting notes resulting in a long finish enhanced by the complex flavor of candied oranges. Cuvée Louis-Alexandre may be enjoyed either neat or on ice for a favorable drinking experience.

Tasting Notes

Color: Warm amber with tints of copper and orange.

Aroma: Nose of candied orange with nuances of citrus zests, orange and bergamot essences.

Taste: Candied orange and macerated citrus fruit flavors softened by notes of pine and Earl Grey tea with a Cognac forward tasting notes.

Finish: Lingering and intense finish.

Enjoy neat or on the rocks.

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