Appleton 12 YRS

Region Jamaica
Category Rum
Brand Appleton

General information

The Nassau Valley is part of Jamaica’s world famous Cockpit Country, which is a special limestone formation known as a Cockpit Karst, and was formed over millions of years . Appleton Estate is the only Estate that is located within a Cockpit Karst formation and is the only rum in the world that has a “Terroir” that is as unique as that of the Nassau Valley.

“Terroir” is a set of unique weather, soil and geographic demarcations that impart a unique quality to all of our rums. Proof that it really does matter where your rum comes from.

Region: Nassau Valley, Jamaica

Alcohol: 43 % vol.

Ageing: aged for a minimum of 12 years in oak barrels and is touted as an unsurpassed masterpiece of oak ageing

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Dazzling and bright rich bronze colour

Nose: Mature scents of walnuts, nutmeg, orange peel and vanilla.

  • Delicate molasses
  • Vibrant orange peel
  • Rich Vanilla
  • Subtle coffee and cocoa
  • Toasted oak
  • Hint of almond

Palate: Buttery, creamy brown sugar.

Finish: Bittersweet and luscious.

The first known documentation of rum production at the Appleton Estate dates back to 1749, however the origins of the Estate date back as far as 1655 when the British captured Jamaica from the Spaniards.

Frances Dickinson took part in that British conquest and it‘s believed that the Appleton Estate was part of the land grant that Dickinson received as a reward for his services. His grandsons were the earliest known owners of the Appleton Estate.

In 1845 the Appleton Estate changed hands from the Dickinson family when it was acquired by William Hill and later changed hands again when it was purchased by one of Jamaica`s most successful merchants, A. McDowell Nathan.

Nathan died in the great earthquake of 1907 and his vast estate, including Appleton, was eventually acquired by J. Wray and Nephew Ltd.  J. Wray and Nephew still owns the Appleton Estate and continues a rich tradition of producing fine rums and spirits to this very day.

The estate may have changed hands many times over the years but since 1749, all Appleton Estate rums have been produced from the single 11,000-acre estate in the Nassau Valley.

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