Krug Vintage 1998

Region Champagne-Ardenne, France
Vintage 1998
Grape Chardonnay
Category Champagne
Brand Krug Champagne

Krug 1998 Is Unique

  • The expression of the year 1998 captured by Krug. A tribute to Chardonnay.
  • Krug 1998 has astonishing purity, precision, elegance and extreme length.
  • The last Krug Vintage of the 1990s, it is also the second of all Krug Vintages where Chardonnay dominates. The first was 1981.
  • Together with Krug’s other cuvees, it has made Krug the world’s best – rated Champagne for years.
  • Like all Krug Champagnes, it can age beautifully.

The Year of 1998

Classic weather, full of contrasts, as it is often the case in Champagne:

  • a particularly hot month of August, the hottest since 1962 in Champagne;
  • a heavy rain in early September, followed by dry, mild weather during the harvest.
  • The year allied quantity and quality of grapes.

Krug 1998 In Essence

The fourth and last Krug Vintage of the 1990s (with 1990, 1995 and 1996). For the House of Krug, choosing to create Krug 1998 proved obvious and it was rapidly named “Hommage au Chardonnay” (Tribute to Chardonnay) to express:

  • the finesse and high potential of each wine taste;
  • the strong outstanding personality of the wonderful Chardonnay grapes of that year, therefore Krug 1998 is the result of a blend of Chardonnay (45%), Pinot Noirs (35%) and Meuniers (19%);
  • Krug 1998’s stay of over ten years in the cellars in Reims explains its extraordinarily long finish and elegance.

Tasting Notes 

  • Deep light golden colour announcing this unique contrast between freshness and maturity.
  • Expressive aromas of bread, hazelnuts, dried fruit, caramelised orange peel, then cocoa as it warms up, and finally pepper and gingerbread.
  • Flavours of crystallised citrus fruits, caramelised orange peel, dried fruits, pepper and gingerbread, with a soft, creamy texture.

Joseph Krug was born in 1800 in the German town of Mainz, part of France’s Napoleonic empire at the time. Growing up at the heart of the Moselle, he was exposed early on to winegrowing as fragmented as the Champagne region he would one day call home. He became a talented, purposeful young man and spoke three languages.

Setting off at 24 as a trader and commercial traveler, he finally arrived in Paris in 1834. It was an exciting time where he lived in a creative milieu peopled by artists. Dreaming of making his mark in the world of Champagne, Joseph leaped at an opportunity that would eventually lead him to greatness: Joseph Krug was employed by Jacquesson, the leading Champagne House of the time. He quickly became a partner, travelled widely, mixed with the influential, but was far from satisfied.For him, the essence of Champagne was pleasure, yet variables in the weather could make quality waver dramatically from one year to the next. Joseph dreamed of another way beyond the constraints that compromised Champagne quality.At the age of 42, a time when most in his position would be close to retiring, he left the security of a comfortable career to risk it all. It was not an easy decision to take, especially considering he had married into the Jacquesson dynasty. But he was ready to put his vision to the test.

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